Potsdam distinguishes itself by its high standard of living and recreational opportunities. In addition to attractive housing areas, this is especially due to the many historical and newly created parks. The tree-filled city also has a beautiful riverside footpath along the river Havel.

Since 2003 the districts Marquardt, Uetz-Paaren, Fahrland, Neu Fahrland, Satzkorn, Golm and Groß Glienicke have been annexed to Potsdam. Since 1993 the districts Eiche and Grube have been part of the Brandenburg state capital. Potsdam thus became larger and more beautiful.

Through the years the city and the countryside have been merging and are more understanding of the concerns of the other. The unity of the districts has also improved. These circumstances bode well for meeting the challenges of the future in a thoughtful and respectful way.