Cemeteries in Potsdam

The cemetery guide explains the location and history of the cemeteries, accessibility by public transportation, and hours of operation and office hours at each cemetery. You can find the most important information for the bereaved here when needed.

The Cemetery Department of the state capital Potsdam manages the following local cemeteries:

the Old and New Cemetery of Potsdam, the Eiche Cemetery, the Krampnitz Cemetery, the Fahrland Cemetery, the Kartzow Cemetery, the Soviet Cemetery on Michendorfer Chaussee, the Soviet Honors Cemetery at Bassinplatz, the Drewitz Cemetery, the Goethestraße Cemetery, the Großbeerenstraße Cemetery, the Klein Glienicke Cemetery, the Old and New Cemetery Bornim, and the Sacrow Cemetery.

The Old and New Cemeteries of Potsdam are the biggest cemeteries and account for a large portion of the burials of the deceased. The administration of all local cemeteries in the city is located at the Old Cemetery, which dates back to 1796. Comprehensive records about burials which have taken place and further information regarding each burial site are kept there. The New Cemetery in Potsdam is the location of the municipal crematorium. Other important funeral facilities including the large and small event halls as well as space for open-casket viewings are provided for the bereaved.

The cemeteries located outside Potsdam are important for creating a sense of community in each outlying municipal district. The preference for and continued use of the cemeteries located near one’s home is of great importance to long-standing rural families.