Welcome to the City of Culture Potsdam

In the rich cultural landscape of Brandenburg, Potsdam occupies an preeminent place. Potsdam, the city of Prussian palaces and parks currently offers a rich and diverse culture and arts scene in addition to its proud historical heritage which reaches far beyond its borders.

In the historical city center, the Nikolai Concert Hall, the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, the Potsdam Museum - Forum for Art and History, and the Film Museum offer classical and modern cultural events.

Potsdam’s newest cultural venue is the Schiffbauergasse, located lakeside on the Tiefer See which is surrounded by the historical landscape of the Prussian palaces and parks. Where once steamships were built, coffee substitutes produced, hussars drilled and fish propagated, you will now find a surprising mix of innovative business and cultural diversity.

Apart from the Hans-Otto-Theatre, the location is characterized by an independent cultural and theater scene. The Waschhaus, fabrik Potsdam, the children’s and youth theater of the HOT and independent drama groups offer numerous events and festivals encompassing dance, music, film and contemporary fine and performing arts. And events at the Schiffbauergasse are a must for party-goers.

The Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci, the Potsdam Court Concerts Sanssouci, the palaces by night event Potsdamer Schlössernacht, the Potsdam Dance Days, the festival ‘Vocalise’ and the theater festival UNIDRAM as well as rock and jazz concerts characterize the cultural offerings. The special appeal of these cultural events is the combination of content with the historic atmosphere of this place. City festivals like the Bohemian Weaver Festival in Potsdam-Babelsberg, the Experience Potsdam Night in the baroque city center or the Tulip Festival in the Dutch Quarter also play contribute to this atmosphere in an important way.

Potsdam is also the right address for connoisseurs of a lively cultural scene. Readings, small concerts and theater performances can be experienced at various locations, even on a ship. In addition, friends of the fine arts get their money’s worth in the numerous galleries in Potsdam and e.g. at the “Open ateliers in Potsdam”.

Take a cultural walk through literature – theater – fine art – music – film – museums, and experience the culture of Potsdam in person.