Location Overview

Spyglass (© mamarone  / pixelio.de)
Spyglass (© mamarone  / pixelio.de)
Spyglass (© mamarone / pixelio.de)

Companies and Jobs » Potsdam relies on the creativity of a broad segment of the population. More than 12,000 companies are located in the city. This is where around 110,000 people work,     45,000 of whom come here every day from the surrounding region to work in Potsdam. Potsdam is a service industry center; more than 90% of employees work in this sector.

Strengths » Strengthen the strengths! Under this motto the development and location of companies in Potsdam are fostered. Potsdam’s strengths are in the industries of the future including media and information and communication technology, Life Science and health management as well as tourism.

City of Science » Potsdam is a science and research center. The ratio of scientists to the population is one of the highest in Germany. More than 5,300 scientists work here at five universities and more than 40 non-university research institutions. More than 23,000 students add life to the city and don’t only serve to fill lecture halls but also enrich the cultural and social life of the city.

Family-Friendly City » The population of Potsdam is young, the birthrate one of the highest in Germany. The ratio of children under 6 to the entire population is the highest when compared to all other state capitals, and the amount of available childcare spots is one of the highest nationwide. The Prognos Family Atlas honored Potsdam as the most family-friendly city in all of Germany.

City of Growth » Potsdam is a growing city. After Munich it is the state capital with the highest rate of population growth and, at the same time, the city where the most new housing is built. By the end of 2020 the population will increase to 170,000 citizens.

Tourism » Potsdam is worth seeing. Every year millions of visitors are convinced that Potsdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The average length of stay of 2.3 days is the highest compared to the other state capitals.

Center of Growth » Potsdam is a regional growth center: These are places that have exceptional business potential and serve as the engine for growth in their regions. In the future atlas of the Prognos AG, Potsdam occupies 15th place compared to all other 439 cities and counties in Germany – a top position nationwide.

State Capital » Potsdam is the state capital of Brandenburg, seat of state government and of many state government offices.

Transportation » You can access five freeways within a 10 mile radius of the state capital Potsdam. The heart of Berlin and the Berlin city freeway can be reached in a few minutes, and via the Berlin freeway ring you can access six federal freeways in a short time.

Airports » Via the Berlin airports a citizen of Potsdam flies out into the world and the world comes to Potsdam. Both are only 30km away and are practically right on your doorstep. The situation will improve even more with the construction of the major airport Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” (BER).  Around 160 destinations in more than 50 countries will be connected to Europe’s most modern airport.

Telecommunications » Broadband service is available in 100% of Potsdam.

Potsdam – The most beautiful location for bright minds.