Pfingstberg Hill Belvedere

Since June 2013, the Pfingstberg Hill Belvedere has once again been completely accessible to visitors. In recent years, the east tower, the eastern and northern colonnade as well as the east arcade of the Belvedere were extensively rebuilt. The reconstruction was made possible mainly through the financial support and engagement of Werner Otto (founder of Mail Order Company ‘Otto’) and other sponsors and patrons.

Frederick William IV had the castle ‘Belvedere’ built on Pfingstberg Hill in accordance with his own designs because of the beautiful view. The construction of the castle in the Italian style was begun in 1847 by Ludwig Persius, Friedrich Stüler and Ferdinand Hesse. The Belvedere was originally planned as a big castle complex with perrons and trick fountains. But in 1863 it was completed on a significantly smaller scale. After 1945 the structure fell into disrepair.

Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg
Am Pfingstberg
14469 Potsdam