Dream Factory Babelsberg

Media Location

Dream Factory Babelsberg (© T. Schirmag)
Dream Factory Babelsberg (© T. Schirmag)
Dream Factory Babelsberg (© T.Schirmag)

Babelsberg and film: two words which are inextricably linked with one another. Marlene Dietrich’s “Blue Angel” was born here, Fritz Lang’s ”Metropolis” made here. But it was the film named, of all things, “The Dance of Death” which was the first silent film shot in Potsdam Babelsberg. This was in 1912. One year earlier the company Bioscop opened its first film studio there. This was the launch of the media location Babelsberg, one of the most modern and biggest in Europe, and alive as never before.

Potsdam’s media industry with Babelsberg at its center is one of the best addresses in the film industry worldwide.  All in all, there are 16 of the best equipped studios available on the 46 hectare grounds of the media city. Germany’s most modern television studio complex is located here which is particularly suited for long-running broadcasts like telenovelas and daily soaps, but the long-standing Marlene Dietrich Hall is also here, which is among the biggest studio halls in Europe. More than 120 companies with more than 3,000 employees work here, among them film and television producers, animation, stunt and special effects firms, postproduction services, high-tech and multimedia companies as well as private and public-sector broadcasters with their production centers. They are compelemented by numerous networks and supported by outstanding promotion and financial organizations.

International blockbusters and highlights from television were produced here by well-known artists and companies. The Babelsberg Studio is the world’s oldest large-scale film studio and is one of the most renowned full service providers for national and international film and television productions. Multiple Oscar® awarded worlds were and are made here. UFA, which is one of the oldest and most recognized German entertainment brands, is today the biggest film and television production house in Europe whose programs are watched daily by millions of viewers. The broadcast network Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) is also located in Babelsberg. The broadcasting company of the states Berlin and Brandenburg runs six radio stations and its own television station. The television station center, the ARD-Playground-Center as well as the German Broadcasting Archive Babelsberg (DRA) are located there.

Potsdam’s media industry is well-equipped for the future. Filmmakers from all over the world find optimal conditions for film and television production here. Media technology and IT merge here. Innovative technologies, paired with creative ideas, lead to new interactive formats and products. Excellent education and training opportunities at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF make Potsdam a region of talent. Three media and technology centers at this location offer the perfect conditions for fledging companies and their founders. And the Filmpark Babelsberg provides entertaining and interesting insights into the world of films. In addition, you can find other interesting media locations in Potsdam, e. g. the Park Studios Babelsberg.

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