Lord Mayor Jann Jakobs

Lord Mayor Jann Jakobs (© Reinhard und Sommer)
Lord Mayor Jann Jakobs (© Reinhard und Sommer)
Lord Mayor Jann Jakobs (© Reinhard und Sommer)

born on December 22, 1953 in Eilsum, East Frisia
residence: Potsdam
married, 4 children
SPD party member

1971 – June 1975
Apprenticeship and work in diverse social institutions in and around Hannover

October 1976 – October 1978
Study of social work and social pedagogy in Hildesheim

April 1979
Matriculation at the Free University of Berlin, studying sociology and political science

February 1985
Final degree as a certified sociologist

October 1979 – May 1988
Welfare worker in Berlin-Spandau

1985 – 1993
Organizational and development consultant to public and independent organizations for juveniles and social work

May 1988 – May 1993
Planner for the Department of Youth and Sport for the district Spandau

June 1993 – February 1997
Director of the Office for Youth in Potsdam

1994 – 1997
Member of the Russo-German Youth Council

March 1997 – March 1999
Deputy for youth, health and social policy for the state capital Potsdam

1998 – 1999
Board member for youth integration in Nauen

March 1999
Mayor and Deputy – business domain social policy, youth, health, order and environmental protection

since 28th November 2002
Lord Mayor of the state capital Potsdam

3rd October 2010
Reelection as Lord Mayor