Historic Mill

Next to Sanssouci Palace stands a Dutch windmill, in which corn is still milled today with wind power.

Since 1738 there has been a windmill on this hill. First it was a post mill  which was replaced in 1787 – 1791 by a bigger Dutch smock mill with the financial support of Frederick William II. Visitors from neighboring Bornstedt came there to mill their corn. It is not known whether the bread for royal meals was milled here; however, it is known that Frederick II once said: ‘The mill is the adornment of the palace.’

The mill became famous far and wide thanks to a legend: Frederick II is said to have been annoyed by the rattling of the mill and called on the miller to rebuild the mill in another place. Miller Graevenitz threatened him with a lawsuit before the Court of Appeals in Berlin and so Frederick acquiesced.

Until 1858, the blades of the mill rotated and in 1861 the Dutch windmill was declared a historical monument.

In the last days of the war in 1945, the mill was completely gutted by fire. The reconstruction was finished in 1993, and since 2003, the milling of corn into grist and flour has recommenced.

In addition to the mill technology on the upper floors, you can find an exhibition about the history of the historic mill and other facts about mills in the tower of the windmill. The gallery presents you a view of Sanssouci Park, and the shop offers souvenirs having to do with the mill.

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