Crown Estate Bornstedt

Crown Estate Bornstedt (© Dietmar Horn)
Crown Estate Bornstedt (© Dietmar Horn)
Crown Estate Bornstedt (© Dietmar Horn)

Just 400 footsteps away from Sanssouci Palace is an ‘Italian hamlet’: the Crown Estate Bornstedt, once a manor of the Prussian Crown. Since 2002, the elaborately restored architectural ensemble has been shining in its renewed splendor. The interior of the former manor of the Hohenzollern also carries you away into history. In the Hofbrauhaus, the manor brewery, you can experience the tradition of brewing and distilling; one example is the beer ‘Bornstedter Bueffel’ which has been brewed here since 1689. For more culinary enjoyment visit the wine tavern Habel, the royal court bakery and the Café Victoria. You can also have a splendid celebration in the estate house –for example a wedding as you can also get married at the Crown Estate Bornstedt.

In the ‘Brandenburg Manufaktur’, traditional craftsmanship comes alive. You can look over the shoulders of hatters, milliners, tinsmiths, weavers, ceramists and chandlers when they produce and sell their goods in a traditional way. In the glass foundry ‘Johann Kunckel’, you can watch the glassmaker working at a more than 1,200°C oven. Part of the historical ambience is also the barbershop and 19th century perfumery. Let yourself be enchanted by the idyll of the estate at lake Bornstedter See.

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