Chinese House

Chinese House (© Michael Lüder)
Chinese House (© Michael Lüder)
Chinese House (© Michael Lüder)

The Chinese House in the Roe Deer Garden of Sanssouci Park is an important example of Chinoiserie that was in vogue in Europe in the 18th century. During 1754 – 1757, Johann Gottfried Buering built it on behalf of Frederick II in a design where the outer walls resemble the shape of a trefoil. It was used as a dining hall in summer.

The pavilion is decorated on the outside with life-sized gilded sculptures – Chinese musicians and tea drinkers. Inside is a large ceiling painting  which shows a jolly Chinese party. In addition, Meissen porcelain and East Asian china can be admired.

Information about the Chinese House

Chinesisches Haus
Am Grünen Gitter
14467 Potsdam